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"I couldn't have my baby walking around with no d-list name"

Robert is a New York City based actor who was born and raised in Syracuse, NY.

Robert was brought up in a home built with love, joy, faith, and the instinct of knowing that once you hear Toni Braxton after Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan, it's time to clean. His mom, the cleaning DJ, grew up in an extremely athletic household. But unlike her star basketball siblings, she focused on performing. She eventually went on to pass those performing genes down to Robert. From the time he could talk, she had him in the front row of the church choir.


While most of his childhood was spent performing in church, Robert's love for the stage came from his big break as "Mr. Bumble" in his middle school's production of Oliver Twist (broadway adjacent). From there, the rest is history. 



Robert seeks to continue growing in every aspect of his craft through gaining experiences in professional spaces that enable him to continue creating space for BIPOC in this industry.

Long term, Robert wants to eventually provide support and guidance for young artists interested in pursuing a career in this industry who otherwise would not have the resources. He wants to start an organization that pairs High school students in underrepresented areas with working professional artists that come from a similar background.


Robert's mom selected "Denzel" to be his middle name because she "knew he was going to be a performer" and "couldn't have him walking around with no d-list name."


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